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I have an 8 month old son. He is my Miracle baby.

When I started participating in the Pregnancy Resource Center, the first video I watched was a baby smoking a cigarette in the womb. When I walked out of the center I immediately stopped smoking. I smoked for 12 years; quitting is one of my biggest accomplishments in life.
The Resource center has helped me with diapers, baby wash, shampoo, shoes, coats, baby crib, stroller and misc. (Everything I needed that I didn’t have to start my new life with my son.)

I thank God everyday that I have somewhere to go when I need help. I encourage young mothers to participate in this program, not only for assistance, but to learn more about what God is capable of. I have learned with out faith none of this could be possible.

Thanks to all the Wonderful people at the Pregnancy Center for showing me with GOD anything is possible.



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